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Australian Red Cross: Quiet Heroes

Here’s the situation: Australians aren’t donating enough plasma.

Most people don’t even know what it is. That’s a massive problem: plasma currently has eighteen different live-saving uses and is set to become Australia’s most-needed blood component in the next few years. But Australian donors are struggling to keep up with rising demands, and the people who need it most will go without if something doesn’t change.

So the Red Cross came to us to find a solution to this problem. Our mission was clear: increase awareness, boost donations, save lives.

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The Target Audience

We chose to target men between the ages of 27 and 35 who are on the journey of growing their families. They might be trying for a baby or may already have children, but they all share excitement for fatherhood and a deep love for their family.

The Insight

Every father is a hero in his child's eyes. A regular plasma donation could save the lives of other children or give them more time with their parents. By donating, he would become the hero society needs too.

The Strategy

Our campaign primarily features social media and online platforms alongside outdoor advertisements in metrolites and shopalites. Research indicates that our target audience is active online and often use social media to entertain themselves on bus or train commutes into the city for work. 

The visuals for this campaign are simple and powerful. The 'hero dad' figures are shown in silhouette to enable the viewer to imagine themselves in the advertisement, and the Red Cross has been transformed into a plasma-friendly 'Yellow Cross'. By replacing blood red with plasma yellow, we're highlighting the importance of plasma donations and how they're often overshadowed by blood donations. Using both social media along with metrolites and shopalites, we will constantly reinforce this message and encourage positive impressions.

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This campaign was presented to the Australian Red Cross! The whole team even dressed up in our nicest plasma yellow outfits for the occasion!

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