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Durex: Raise the Bar

Living with a disability can be isolating. There are over one billion disabled people in the world and more than 50% of them don’t enjoy a regular sex life. 

Not only do non-disabled people tend to view disabled people as asexual, but the environments where sexual relationships are formed are usually off limits to people with physical disabilities. Stairs, tight spaces and a lack of seating may make it difficult for disabled people to access bars, clubs and restaurants. 

Durex wants to kickstart the conversation about disability and sex, empowering people with disabilities to explore and champion their own sexualities and desires.

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The Target Audience

People with disabilities

Many disabled people are tired of having to choose between being fetishised or infantilised. They want to join in, but may be held back by a lack of sexual education, overprotective carers or parents, or difficulty finding transport or accessible social hubs.

People without disabilities

76% of non-disabled people have never invited a disabled person to an event and 70% would not consider dating a person with a disability. Disabilities are typically viewed as a turn-off or a complication and non-disabled people often worry about what other people will think about them if they were to enter a relationship with a disabled person.

The Insight

56% of disabled people cited the built environment as a major barrier to social inclusion, making it difficult for them to meet a romantic or sexual partner.

The Strategy

Our campaign aims to empower disabled people to take the lead in forming happy, healthy sex lives.

One component is the Durex and Google Maps collaboration: this upgrade to the Google Maps app will reward accessible venues with a Durex Seal of Approval and will add an option to filter results with a host of accessibility features, including non-carpeted floors, no stairs, and quiet music or low lighting. 

Durex will also host all-access nights out just in time for the 2020 Paralympics. Accessible sports bars will pop up in major cities to give everyone the chance to mingle and watch the games. The campaign will also feature Durex's exclusive coverage from the Athlete's Village with plenty hot gossip and interviews with the Paralympians. The Paralympics receive limited coverage in the media, so by focusing on the games and giving the athletes a platform to speak candidly about their lives and experiences, Durex will lead the way in championing equal media coverage for all. 

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