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Ancyn Screenprinters Brand Revamp

Ancyn Screen Printers was established in the late 1980's and has been in business ever since. Over thirty years of experience has made them the 'go-to' company for any printing solution: whether their customers need screen printing, digital printing, speciality cutting, Ancyn prides themselves on providing the best service.

However, that isn't all that's changed in thirty years. The printing landscape has shifted from selling the best product to selling the cheapest price. This not only devalues the product, but it also cheapens the skills and craft of the field. 

COVID-19 has caused troubles in the business: many of their clients are cutting back on their print needs due to store closures and tight budgets. Some are going to close down for good. Ancyn's digital presence is also limited: their website is old, their LinkedIn is barely used, they don't even have a Facebook page.

Our original plan was to simply update their brand, but as we saw the impact that COVID-19 had on the business and the industry, we knew we had to do more. How can we bring Ancyn into the modern age while also reminding their customers to value craftsmanship?

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The Target Audience

For this project, we decided to focus more on business-to-business relations rather than selling directly to the consumer. 

This means our attention was on the decision makers: graphic designers, production managers,
advertising agencies, corporate companies, marketing managers, and many other professional roles that require experienced printing solutions.

The Insight

A 2019 business-to-business case study found that good customer experiences and business relationships had major positive impacts on the decision-making process.

It makes sense: after all, those decisions have to be made by people. If someone has a bad customer experience, why would they come back for more? This study also found that customers were more loyal and more willing to pay for services that they personally liked.

The Strategy

Ancyn prides itself on its positive relationships with its customers. Some clients have been with the company for decades.

However, their current client acquisition strategy is lacking. The business doesn't have much of a digital presence, something that's become mandatory in the age of COVID. We decided to bring them into the modern era by updating their website and social media platforms, not only to raise awareness of their company but also to streamline the customer experience.

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