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She's got animal spirits!

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The Long

After a brief career as the captain of an ice cream van, Charlie Brooks’ grandfather enjoyed a long and illustrious membership at his local RSL: he was a dedicated member of the board and forged many lifelong friendships at the club. It’s a truly heartwarming story if you just ignore the fact that he never actually went to war.

After that, her grandfather (metaphorically) soldiered on and opened a screen printing business. And when he died, Charlie’s dad took charge. Charlie spent many summers packing and sorting advertisements and manning the machines in that factory.  

During high school, Charlie attended work experience at an advertising agency in North Melbourne. She did the usual work experience kid stuff: she photocopied some things, she spun around in some chairs, she stood by in meetings and pretended to understand what an SMP is. She drew up her first scamp and wrote her first headline in that agency. 

Charlie had wanted to be an artist for her entire life, but everything came down to the wire she chose advertising. Charlie forgot to bring a pen and was late to the RMIT selection task, but she was (miraculously) accepted into the course and began attending university. 

During her time at uni, Charlie went from being an art director to being a copywriter to being a slashie to being an art director to being an aspiring university dropout to being a copywriter. Sometimes Charlie doesn’t know what she wants until she stumbles into it, and sometimes she thinks she knows what she wants but actually has no idea.

And sometimes, like with advertising, she’s destined for stuff. It just takes her a while to figure it out.

The Short

Charlie Brooks is a copywriter and illustrator from Melbourne. She's got a knack for dreaming up big ideas and doing whatever it takes (and googling whatever she needs to google) to bring those ideas to life. 

Charlie believes in seeing the funny side of life and is always up for fooling about. She's got, like, a million hobbies and is very, very invested in whatever she's doing right now. And she's going to be very, very invested in the new hobby she picks up next week. 

The Shorter-est

Charlie Brooks is a copywriter, an illustrator, a bodybuilder, a millionaire, and a liar.

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